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Here are just some of the many vehicles that I have tuned with more to come.  Enjoy!

2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang
Ernie P.
Dyno HP:  ~520 RWHP

A rare Mustang obviously.  The mass air transfer function was recalibrated due to the larger cross sectional area of the inlet pipe and the conical filter.  It would have been very lean without the recal - more than the adaptive trims could have attempted to correct even at their clip.  Fan control, electronic throttle control and open loop WOT fuel tables were tweaked.  Additional spark was also added.  Since the Shelby's come with the standard Mustang GT's catalyst package, the catalyst temperatures are very high thus the cat and HEGO temp protection models were left enabled in stock form.  Thus these cars benefit greatly from an aftermarket exhaust.  Ernie has a few authentic Shelby's in is stable too! 

We installed the Steeda cold air kit

1965 Mustang GT
Bill's Mustang Restoration
Dyno HP:  ~450 RWHP

Wow!  Nice work here.  A 1965 restoration with an entire 2003 Cobra powertrain and suspension installed in it.  ABS and traction control both work.  Also note the satellite radio, CD system, power windows and door locks and custom gauge pack installation.  The start button is from a Ford GT.  One trick feature is the license plate retracts when the car is running to clear the Shelby exhaust tips.  This car is loud as it only has underbody resonators installed.  The main work on this chip was conversion to a return style fuel system versus the stock returnless fuel control.


2001 Roush  Mustang GT

Rob has a clean Roush Mustang that was very low with its springs and ground effect package.  We had to drive up wood pieces to allow the jack to get underneath to install the airfuel meter.  The chip required a remapped airmeter transfer calibration due to the JLT cold air kit which uses a larger MAF.  Traction control was also turned off for the summer months.  Premium fuel spark maps were also utilized.


2007 Mustang GT
Jim L.

Jim owned this car only a few weeks before he wanted a premium fuel performance tune for it.  The electronic throttle controls maps were made more aggressive as well as the throttle rate tip-in controls was modified to allow for appropriate throttle speed matching during downshifts.  All 2005+ Mustang GTs suffer from a sluggish throttle tip-in with the clutch in.  Since Jim races this car, correcting this issue was a necessity.  Furthermore the knock sensor control was also made more aggressive.  Jim has reported that the car pulls stronger and even gets better fuel economy.  Jim installed his own stripes and has since installed the Ford Racing suspension kit along with 275 series tires on Shelby GT500 chrome rims.


2006 Cervini  Mustang GT
Jim G.

Jim purchased this car new and immediately installed the Cervini body kit complete with side exhausts.  This car received the typical premium performance tune along with a valet mode with reduced power, speed limited and lowered redline.  


2005 Vortech Mustang GT
Rich L.
Dyno HP:  410 RWHP / 382 RWTQ

Rich's very nice 2005 GT has an 8 psi Vortech kit on it flowing through a stock exhaust.  After the base installation and the Diablo chip that came with it, the car was sluggish and would not accelerate at part throttle.  After the custom chip, the throttle response was smooth and aggressive.  This necessitated remapping of the electronic throttle control, variable cam timing, MBT and borderline spark renormalization, knock sensors, aircharge temperature compensation tables, etc. due to the high loads and system design. 

The owner was ecstatic with the new tune. 


2003 Cobra
Rick L.
Dyno Tuned 4-15-2005
420 RWHP / 389 RWTQ

SLP Cobra Loud Mouth catback exhaust and SLP M23000 95mm Mass-Air-Meter Package.  Note:  Stock pulley

Three curve comparison - Run 1 factory stock, Run 2 SLP exhaust and intake, Run 3 SLP Exhaust and intake with the SCT custom chip amongst other tweaks.

SCT custom chip gained 22 peak RWHP and 21 peak RWTQ. Additionally, 20-30 lb-ft of torque gains across the entire RPM band. Furthermore, the shift light was disabled.

Sonic blue.


2004 Cobra
Rick S.
Dyno Tuned 4-15-2005
417 RWHP / 393 RWTQ

SLP X-pipe and catback exhaust with a K&N cold air intake.  Note:  Stock pulley

SCT custom chip gained 28 lb-ft of torque on the bottom end with gains across the entire RPM band. Furthermore, the shift light was disabled amongst other tweaks.


2003 Mach1 A/T
Dyno Tuned 4-15-2005
268 RWHP / 291 RWTQ

MRT catback exhaust, K&N filtercharger, Paul's High Performance intake spacer, and 4.10 gears.  JD can lay rubber on the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts!

SCT custom chip gained 21 lb-ft of torque near the torque peak with sizeable gains across the entire RPM band. Custom tunes with the traction control enabled and disabled were also provided. Furthermore, the speedometer was corrected for the 4.10 gears and the shift pressures were modified for increased firmness.

Note that the transmission was calibrated to stay in 3rd gear with a locked converter during dyno testing. The stock chip testing was run up in 3rd gear above the 3-2 kickdown shiftpoint at 3500 RPM.


2001 Saleen Supercharged Mustang
Dyno Tuned 3-29-2005

SLP headers and no cats.

Not surprisingly this car nearly pegging the stock GT airmeter and fuel pump. It is highly recommended he goes with a new pump and 90mm airmeter for the next tune.


2003 Mach1 M/T
Erik F.
Dyno Tuned 1-25-2005


Erik ported his intake manifold himself.  He also has a K&N filter system and a MRT H-pipe.  See the detailed description in the Mach1registry forums.


Nice gains across the board with about an 11 lb-ft of midrange torque increase.


2000 Cobra R (Number 124 of 300)
Scott Shafer
Dyno Tuned 12-30-2004


Scott is an avid and experienced road racer as well as a board member of the Central Illinois SVT club.  He baselined his car without the x-pipe and chip on October 16, 2004.  On the stock chip it was needlessly running very rich (<10:1).

With the SCT XCalibrator system he now has two custom tunes featuring 12.0:1 and 12.5:1 open loop WOT settings.  Features included with the provided tune options were: a more aggressive spark calibration, a corrected vehicle speed calculation for his smaller diameter racing tires, OBD-II modifications to eliminate the check engine light due to the catless exhaust, and cooling fan improvements.  An additional tune was reserved to correct some part throttle driveability issues he has also experienced with the stock tune.


Overall peak gains netted from the Basanni X-pipe install and SCT chip: 42 RWHP / 24 RWTQ

Overall peak gains with changes to the airfuel ratio displayed. Note how the stock chip goes richer than 10:1!

Gains netted from SCT chip in addition to other features calibrated

Comparison of stock vehicle, x-pipe install with stock chip, and x-pipe install with SCT chip

See the dyno video run here.

Other modifications by Kenny Brown:

Front Strut Tower Brace
Rear Shock Tower Brace
Extreme Matrix Subframe Connectors and Jacking Rails
Super Street Cage with Horizontal and Diagonal Bars
Aluminum Differential Mount Bushings
IRS Rear Steer Kit
Heavy Duty IRS Torque Brace
Differential Cooler Kit
Schroth 6 Point Harnesses


Scott in action:

Other tunes:


2004 Cobra - Before and After an SCT session


2003 F250 6.0L Diesel - Before and After an SCT session