Example options available with a Custom Tune from SCT

Keep in mind that the system I use coupled with my ten years of Ford Motor Company vehicle calibration experience lends itself to detailed and thorough custom chip tuning. 

In addition to a properly functioning custom tune with respect to proper airmeter transfer functions, air fuel control, adaptive airfuel control, borderline spark and knock sensor calibration, other common features I routinely give customers are:

Ability to Keep Your Original Stock Chip File Intact

Traction Control Disable

EGR Disable/Reduction

Fuel Pump Shut-off Anti Theft Mode

Reduce Power / Limited Maximum Vehicle Speed "Valet Mode"

Two speed Neutral Rev Limiter (M/T only)

Custom Idle and Drive Speeds

Check Engine Light Modifications

Shift Light Disable - eg. 2003-2004 Cobra

Elimination of MSD-type Boost Spark Retarders with Superchargers

Elimination of Rear HEGO Extension Cables (MIL Eliminators)

Speedometer Correction for Any Gear and Any Tire Size

Rev Limiter Changes

Shift point, Shift Curves, Lock up Clutch Modulation Modifications


The list is endless!  Contact me with your custom tuning questions for your application!