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Short Throw Shifter Gaskets
June 2005

I replaced the RTV material with new isolation gaskets.


Passenger Window "One Touch Down" Wiring
September 29, 2004

If I had known it was this inexpensive and easy to make the passenger window operate one-touch down like the driver's door, I would have done this to my development cars.  I ordered the kit from Pony Performance.

The $27 wiring module kit

I chose to ground the module to the power mirror bracket mount behind the tweeter speaker housing. There is no ground wire at the switch module.

Switch cover removed


Red Calipers
July 4, 2004

I think that every caliper needs to be red.  I bought the Duplicolor caliper paint kit from AutoZone for $14 and spent about 4 hours completing this job.  You need to complete a fair amount of masking and alot of scrubbing and cleaning of the calipers (very important).  I used a brush with some brake cleaner at first.  I then moved on to some Simple Green followed by warm soapy water.  Make sure everything is completely dry before you start to paint  Apply several light coats and let it thoroughly dry before driving the car.

The finished look

Front wheel close-up

Front caliper drying

Rear caliper complete

Stock front caliper

Stock rear caliper

Paul's High Performance Ported and Extrude Honed Manifold and Intake Spacer Installation
May 13, 2004

With the exhaust opened up by the MRT system the next "cork" is the intake.  The flow results are impressive and add to the top end pull of the motor.  The intake spacer (approximately 3/8") improves the airflow by increasing the displaced volume above the lower intake runners.

It only took about an hour to completely remove the intake while taking pictures.

Stock manifold removed

Good view of the two knock sensors

Smooth port

Lower intake installed with intake spacer

Lower intake installed with intake spacer

Lower intake smooth runners

Lower intake from bottom - note core plugs

Lower intake with upper cover removed - intake spacer installed

Upper and lower intake with the intake spacer installed

Front view of complete intake

Inside view of upper cover plate

Underside of upper cover plate

Upper cover plate top view

Stock intake versus ported and polished intake

Stock Intake Manifold

Much coarser than the ported version above

Head port and valves


K&N Filtercharger
May 13, 2004

This install went fairly well although K&N makes no provisions for keeping the airmeter screen intact.  See my discussion in the Q & A page for more K&N filter information.

I purchased the kit from Joe at:

Parkway Performance Center

The kit parts



MRT All Stainless Exhaust and H-pipe with Magnaflow Mufflers and Black Chrome Tips
2003 Cobra Anniversary Wheels
275/45R17 Eagle F1 GS D3 Tires
MRT Short Throw Shifter
MRT Street Springs
April 24, 2004

The sound is aggressive without being obnoxious. It also can be driven nearly stock on cruise and can then sound deep and healthy under accel which was appealing.  Check out the video of the system in action.

I chose the black chrome tips to complete the subtle theme.

The springs also add just a moderate amount of stance without too much of a drop that the spring rates and ride gets out of control. The 1" or so drop over stock resulted in a near stock ride, but with more control and a bit more hop to the car over bumps (which I like).

I retained the stock shocks due to cost for now (MRT has a slightly retuned Tokico version with their complete street kit).

Camber plates are supposedly not required for these springs given the modest drop.  I am waiting for them to fully "seat" then I will get the alignment checked. I am very picky on alignments and I drove it 400 miles the day after the install and it tracks straight right now.  Camber plates may be an upgrade soon when autocrossing and road racing season starts though.

The MRT shifter is a night and day difference over the long throw, spongy stock one. No surprise there.

New Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires with Stock Exhaust

MRT springs with MRT Exhaust installed with black chrome tips

Side view with the stock springs

Side view with the stock springs

Unique burn out pattern

Complete MRT all stainless exhaust system with Magnaflow stainless mufflers

H-pipe left bank

H-pipe right bank

H-pipe installed

Complete system installed

Stock H-pipe with the 2004 4 can / 6 brick catalyst system