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Development Trip Pictures I





These photos are from a 1999 Continental development trip (more test trip pictures can be found in my photo gallery section).  We drove 2400 miles in 12 days from Denver to San Diego back to Las Vegas with many stops in between.  Below are some of the scenery shots I took en route.  The drive was tiring, but the scenery was spectacular.

Dillon, CO                                                                     Ouray, CO
mounwatr.jpg (25790 bytes)                                      water2.jpg (25095 bytes)            water1.jpg (30309 bytes)            ouray1.jpg (42537 bytes)


Durango, CO
billrock.jpg (54672 bytes)                 creek1.jpg (48007 bytes)
            My friend Bill taunting the rock


Zion National Park
zioncars.jpg (35605 bytes)                                  zionsec.jpg (31120 bytes)        
                        The Section with our Wheels                                                                    

zion2.jpg (42001 bytes)   zion3.jpg (40397 bytes)                     zion5.jpg (51443 bytes)                   
Sand formations with calcite and iron oxide      The entrance to a two mile tunnel     

 zion4.jpg (55585 bytes)               zion1.jpg (39870 bytes)                           


Palm Springs, CA
windml1.jpg (24275 bytes)                 windml2.jpg (14576 bytes)
                 The Valley of the Windmills


  apgtrack.jpg (18803 bytes)                   descars.jpg (18271 bytes)
Test Track in Arizona         Somewhere in the desert