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Development Trip Pictures 2





Here are some pictures from my 2001 Mustang GT development trip from November 1999 in Colorado.

Loveland Pass - 11,990 ft elevation

Although a 1999 Mustang GT makes about 260 HP in MI (640 ft elevation), it produced 205 HP and 240 lb.-ft of torque in Denver at 5300 feet and only 150 HP at 12,000 feet.

lovelandmust2.jpg (67818 bytes)      lovelandmust3.jpg (73680 bytes) locelandsignnosnow.jpg (43881 bytes) Coldsign2.jpg (29649 bytes)
My principle test car during the trip Loveland Pass - November 1999 trip
(Record high temps in the mountains)
Loveland Pass - November 1997 trip


Frisco - 10,500 ft elevation

fritrip3.jpg (44099 bytes) fritrip1.jpg (65504 bytes) fritrip2.jpg (57441 bytes) friscolake.jpg (41647 bytes)
Most of my section in Dillon Attracting some attention at a McDonalds At the Eisenhower Tunnel - 11,500 ft Dillon Lake


mountain4.jpg (40238 bytes) mountain2.jpg (54285 bytes) mountain1.jpg (35354 bytes)
Travelling down the mountains from Frisco back to Denver


sunset_co2.jpg (41160 bytes) sunset_co3.jpg (41324 bytes) sunset_co4.jpg (52190 bytes)
Loveland Sunset Loveland Sunset Loveland Sunset


Fort Myers, FL - March 2000

joepolice.jpg (92272 bytes) floridaplane2.jpg (45838 bytes) floridaplane3.jpg (46379 bytes) floridaplane4.jpg (63144 bytes) floridaplane6.jpg (28118 bytes)
My buddy Joe with some of
Fort Meyer's finest
(the other kind)
Somewhere over Ohio Somewhere over Ohio Entering Fort Myers Fort Myers' Beach