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Here are some miscellaneous videos - cars, humor, commercials, etc.  368 MB so far and growing!

Automotive Related      
WRC rally car
(The world's best drivers)
One of my top ten commercials Viper crash Top Gear Ford GT
Modified Cobra vs. Mach1 Modified Cobra vs. diesel truck Cobra Procharger Top speed Cobra
99 Cobra convertible and
two Carrera GTs
Bullitt on Motorweek Yours truly leaving in a
pre-production Bullitt
Diesel Truck Burnout
4 wheel steer car Michigan Rally race Civic vs. Viper Turbo bike
Camaro vs. snowmobile Impreza crash Racing Elise vs. Corvette Lemans 2002
Inside a rotary      
Trunk Monkey 1 Trunk Monkey 2 Trunk Monkey 3 Trunk Monkey 4
405 Airplane Snuggle Part 1 Snuggle Part 2 Aires K car
Smoked clutch Back woods rally car    


More to come!