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I attended the 3 day High Performance driving school at Bondurant's Phoenix, Arizona facility at the Firebird International Raceway complex in August 1996 with a few other guys in my work section.  As Bondurant's brochure puts it, " The High Performance Driving Course combines advanced street driving skills with techniques refined through years on the racetrack."  Even though it cost $2200 (free to me!) it was well worth it.  Being an avid autocrosser I felt prepared to race upon arrival, however they first put us through some class time and then on to the skidcar (a mustang on hydraulic jacks and coasters to induce under and oversteer at will), accident avoidance "lift, turn, squeeze" as their motto goes.  A quick brush-up on heel toe downshifting (yawn) and we were off to the track.

The mustangs were 1995 models with nearly stock 5.0Ls.  Only the cats were removed.  The suspension received Eibach springs, camber plates, 17" Bondurant style wheels on Goodyear GSCs.  I was impressed with how well they handled.


Bondurant In-Car Video
The last day I paid $50 to drive the circuit in a special video car that recorded me driving along with my lap time, engine RPM, and throttle and brake position.  Below is a full lap around the Bondurant race course through my in-car camera (just over one minute of MPEG video - thanks to my father-in-law Chuck for capturing it)  You'll need to get a MPEG plug-in like Xing or a stand alone player to view it.  AVI files may be easier to use, but it would be ten times bigger!  I may convert it to a (BIG) AVI file later.

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                                        160 X 120 (1 Meg)                                                320 X 240 (3 Meg)


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The 1.6 Mile Bondurant Track

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Me and my 'Stang

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From right to left, Paul, Jim, Joe, and I after 4 hours on the track, no A/C, 110F, in our firesuits 

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Running the Maricopa Oval