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SonicMach1...Mustang development insight,  My Mach1 modifications,  Central Illinois Superchips Custom Tuning dealer info and more - all completed soon!


(son·ic)  adj  Having a speed approaching or being that of sound in air, about 1,220 kilometers (760 miles) per hour at sea level at 59°F

Major Update coming soon...and a move to a new site dedicated to my 750 HP 2003 Cobra project build

  • Hundreds of Mustang GT, Bullitt, Mach1 and 2005 Mustang GT development pictures, test trip pictures and general information from my Ford career


Coming soon:

  •  My 750 HP 2003 Cobra project build section
  • Calibration ECM tuning information - the ins and outs of what controls your car and the effect of aftermarket modifications
  • Superchips Custom Tuning Services    
            Benefits, features and pricing
  • More pictures and videos!


2005 S197 Development Trip
Loveland Pass, Colorado  October 2003

The First Mach1 Prototype
February 2002